About Me

"As a painter, I am interested in finding the intersection of realism and abstraction. In portraiture, it is the greatest pleasure to try to capture and render and to connect with another." Marjorie Morton has studied classical painting in private ateliers in Florence, Italy and in Montreal and has exhibited in New York, Rome, Toronto, Florence, Montreal and other cities in the U.S. She was a finalist in the Art Renewal society 2007 International Salon. --- SELECTED EXHIBITONS --- ITALY: THE ARTISTS' MUSE, Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts, Hamilton, ON -- MINIATURES, 40th Anniversary Exhibition Midday Gallery, Englewood, NJ -- INAUGURAL SALON: CANADIAN SOCIETY FOR CLASSICAL REALISM, Joseph D. Carrier Gallery, Toronto, ON -- THE CANADIAN PORTRAIT: TODAY AND TOMORROW, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto, ON -- PAINTERS FROM FLORENCE, ITALY, Gallery at the Vineyard, Florence, TX.-- SOLO EXHIBITION - Terre d'ARTE, Modica, Italy-- STILL CLASSICAL -- Westbeth Art Center, NYC, Palazzo Cenci, Rome, Italy-- ARTE PER SOGNARE -- Fondazione Grimaldi, Palazzo Grimaldi, Modica, Italy Contact: marjorieannmorton@hotmail.com


                                                                                     Cava Grande del Cassibile, Oil on Panel Triptych, 81cm x 46cm, 2016

                                                                            Sottopassagio Venezia 2, Oil on Panel, 60 x 90 cm., 2015

The Hospital Project - Il progetto l'ospedale

On October 4, 2013, myself and three other artists in Modica, Italy, donated 11 pieces of art work to the Cardiology Department at the Ospedale Maggiore di Modica. The art work was custom designed for the space with much thought and attention given to what would help create a peaceful, healing environment for the patients. These are my three paintings for the project.

A breath of luminous air, oil on canvas 100cm x 100cm

Waterway, oil on canvas, 120cm x 140cm

Transparent world, oil on canvas, 80cm x 80cm

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